Designing Advertising Tapes, A Good Idea?

Apart from the fact that it stabilizes and secures parcels, adhesive tape is now a real communication medium that allows companies to improve their visibility. Thanks to the many advantages it presents, many companies are now opting for its design. If you too want to design this communication medium and you still have doubts about its effectiveness, then consult this article to learn more about its characteristics and advantages. In order to best promote their products and services, some companies print a slogan or their logo on this medium . It also has an optimal quality of adhesion as well as great ease of application. Since it is made from a quality material, the advertising tape is also resistant to various temperature variations. It exists in various colors such as white, transparent, and tan and is offered in three widths of 75, 50 and 25 mm .

Regarding the lengths, it is possible to obtain this adhesive tape in lengths of 100 and 66 mm. To also be able to design an advertising adhesive tape in the colors of your company’s advertising banner, go to the websitehttps. On this platform, you can easily order a model that is tear-resistant online. Main features of advertising tapes When used to wrap packages for shipment, publicity tape can provide important information about the shipment in question. Said information can for example correspond to instructions which must appear on the part of the adhesive tape which is oriented upwards. They then appear more easily when the customer proceeds to open the packing case. Tape can also to provide details of how items in the package during shipping.

Easily Ship Parcels With Advertising Tapes

The possibility is also offered to a company to personalize this various information according to its requirements and needs. The company will also be able to select this information from the many Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers List details that have already been printed. Advertising adhesive tapes also the following characteristics.  The limitation of pilferage insofar impossible to open and close a packing case with the same adhesive tape. Theft and pilferage are then more easily reduction of fraud.  in the event that a person wants to return the products him, the adhesive tape makes it possible to check whether or not the latter has opened the package; Provide information: Advertising tapes can also be effective means of communication when used to provide important product information.

Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers List

It is possible, for example, to print warnings, handling instructions or instructions relating to the product; Meeting specific requirements: these adhesive tapes also make it possible to meet several requirements. For example, companies that want to use these ribbons to display specific information can design templates that perfectly suit their needs. An advertising tape used for shipping a package can also be very useful for a company that wants to improve the traceability of its products. This feature is particularly important for companies specializing in the food industry. These ribbons can for example contain an EC number . The latter makes lot identification much easier.

A Communication Medium That Is Easy To Handle

Advertising tapes also have excellent adhesive properties, whether applied to a porous, smooth or rough surface. If you additionally use acrylic tapes. You will have the assurance able offer you a secure and fast on types of surfaces. Thanks to their excellent adhesiveness.  Advertising tapes are also a very common option, as they adhere well to surfaces such as polyethylene and polypropylene . They also adhere best to ester and ether foams. One of the reasons why more and more companies are opting for the use of advertising tapes is also the fact that they have excellent tensile properties. These ribbons also have a high resistance. In particular, they will effectively resist thermal effects, water and chemicals. The risks of contamination are therefore very low and the tapes will be able to resist failures effectively.

When temperature   felt materials in the of these also exhibit various forms of expansion. By opting for the use of an acrylic adhesive tape, during the sending of a parcel. You will then have the assurance that the latter able to reduce all the constraints as much as possible. Ensure effective communication with advertising tapes.  The visual impact of this type of adhesive tape is immediate. Which is not the case with many other communication media. The advertising tape also offers the possibility to the company that uses it to print elements such as: A picture ; A logo ; An advertising message. Depending on your requirements. You can therefore print an advertising slogan or a promotional code that the customer can use during his next order.

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