Determine Which Keywords Should Trigger

Compete Are you having trouble scoring in the search results? Do you suffer from a lot of competition? Then enable image extensions to stand out among all your competitors. 3. Get relevant traffic Sometimes your services or products are difficult to describe in a text ad. You only have 30 characters per headline and 90 characters per description. That’s not a lot of space. An image can speak volumes. For example, by adding images of your services, you give a better idea of ​​what your company does. That ultimately ensures that the right people click on the ads. 4. Increase Brand Recognition You can really strengthen your brand by adding a beautiful, clear and meaningful image. Are there any requirements I should consider? Image extensions have now been rolled out in beta in Google Ads. In Microsoft Ads they are already available in most accounts in the Netherlands.

Which Keywords Should Trigger

Of course, you can only enable them once you have access. There are not a lot of requirements to take into account, but it is useful to know a few things. Image extensions are free to enable. You pay a cost per click when someone clicks on an image extension of your ad, just like any other ad extension. You can upload up to 20 images. There are a number of Denmark WhatsApp Number List image quality requirements for Google Ads that you need to take into account. It can take up to 5 business days for your image extensions to be approved and shown. The easiest images to display are square (1×1) images. Therefore, add more square images than landscape images. How do I enable the extension? Are you as excited as I am and want to enable image extensions to get more out of your search campaigns? First check if your account already has access.


Keywords Should Trigger

Once you have access, these extensions for both Microsoft Ads and Google Ads are easy to enable under the extensions tab in the interface. Choose to create an image extension and select your images. Make sure they meet the above requirements. Click save . Congratulations! You have created your first image extension. Note that it can take a while before the extension is actually approved and displayed! Once the image extensions show up, I recommend keeping an eye on the performance . See which images are viewed and clicked the most and test with different variants. I’m curious how you experience it, does it work or is it a miss? Share your experiences or ask your questions in the comments below. Good luck with testing! You are a fan or not. The TikTok platform continues to improve. With over 800 million monthly active users, it is one of the favorite and fastest growing social media channels right now.

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