Developing A Multilingual Site: Essential In 2019!

E-Commerce, E-Assistance, E-Communication, we have all heard about it at least once. Indeed, multilingual digital communication is essential today in all sectors of activity and especially in international trade. Needless to say even when you know that polylingual websites have already proven their effectiveness in optimizing sales. The profitability of your turnover depends largely on mastering the language barrier. This is why we have chosen to produce this article so that language is no longer one of the obstacles that slows down your company’s performance. The creation of a multilingual site is part of the logic of the development of multilingual digital communication for better business performance. Also, do we still need to remember that communication in several languages ​​is a powerful marketing tool ? It is even more important for companies that decide to expand their business internationally.

Because it is impossible to want to be content with neighboring or regional customers when we are a society on the world stage. Multilingual digital marketing therefore comes at a standard point in this so-called globalized world where the language barrier is an obstacle to development. According to some indiscretions, around 80 million visitors of foreign origin flock to France each year. Which automatically classifies it among the busiest countries in the world . How can the French economy take advantage of this human tide if these foreigners face language difficulties when shopping in shops? Multilingual sites might even allow them to shop online before landing in the country.

The Steps Of Creating A Multilingual Website

This will automatically allow shops to increase their profits. Multilingual communication removes all language barriers and facilitates purchases and payments. We can Ghana Phone Numbers List therefore summarize the advantages linked to the development of a multilingual site in three essential points: opening up to other new markets, especially international ones; provide visibility to your business; multiply your income. Some sectors best suited to multilingual sites It must be recognized that the importance of the multilingual site varies from one sector of activity to another. While digital communication is fundamental for shops for example, it is less useful for dental practices. Thus, sites commented in several languages ​​are interesting for: Online business establishments.

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These are establishments that offer many services even internationally. The orders are more numerous and diversified. So, to sometimes avoid long queues, most customers, especially foreigners, prefer to make their purchases online. This is why it is rather advantageous to have a site in several languages ​​to respond at all costs to linguistic expressions from various backgrounds. This remains one of the strengths of customer loyalty. The rental and reservation of hotels, restaurants, etc. Holiday periods are the most favorable times for the strong demand for rental or reservation of premises mentioned above. And it cannot be otherwise when you know that holidaymakers are largely foreigners.

The Most Spoken Languages ​​In The World

So to direct them to your hotels or restaurants, you must first give them visibility by means of a multilingual site. The choice of languages ​​according to the target clientele Popularizing products on a global scale is undoubtedly an efficient approach to making business coffers profitable . But, it is often overlooked by these companies because of language and cultural barriers. To convert these linguistic difficulties into major assets, it will have been enough for the companies to choose the languages ​​of their sites according to the category of target clientele. The most spoken languages ​​in the world Indeed, according to a survey carried out in 2018, the number of internet users has crossed the 4,208,571,287 mark, or 50% of the world’s population .

Asia takes the lion’s share with 49 %, Europe follows with 16.8%. Then come Latin America and North America with 10.4% and 8.2% respectively . Africa for its part accounts for 11% while the Middle. East and Oceania come in last position with successively 3.9% and 0.7%. The problem is that all these Internet users do not speak the same mother tongues. However, multilingual sites allow companies more competitive. They offer them growth opportunities. Especially for E-Commerces. Thus, to create a site translated into several languages. Choose the languages ​​of the countries that have the most Internet users. The 10 countries with the most internet users.  They are the following. internet users.  But before choosing any language, you must first think about the translation of this language.

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