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It’s no mystery. Live sports and fan favorites like “The Walking Dead” keep Belgium Phone Number List Cable television in business. After all, those Cable bills are expensive! Perhaps that’s why this cringe-worthy, irritating phrase simply won’t die; decision-makers in the media universe are ignoring the fact that modern consumers are stingy with their time.

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How else can we explain this endless sea of boring content? Maybe I’m wrong, but here is my understanding of modern consumers (who all have built-in A.D.D) AWESOME content  I will only tolerate ads if they cannot be blocked. And if I really hate ads, I will PAY to have them blocked – so please stop forcing these painful pre-rolls and what feels like 10-minute commercial blocks on me.

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I hate you for wasting my time – also known as “get out of my in-box” syndrome while emphatically clicking “spam”. Assuming that the media gods disagree with me, I believe this painful phrase will continue to exist. 8. Advertainment Speaking of “content is crap”, marketers make up stupid terms like “advertainment” to seem like they’re solving some really big cultural problem – but they’re not.

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