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The first online magazines were born with a Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers single business model: advertising. And the most immediate advertising model referred to in the mid-90s was obviously that of paper magazines (the network was too slow to allow for a large circulation of videos), of which the online versions were the natural extension, extension , copy. Thus were born web banners (which in English means flag, banner), the first form of Digital Advertising, or advertising images containing slogans, messages, more recently clear call-to-action (CTA).

There are multiple formats, many of which we can encounter while browsing, in this article by Martech you can find a classification with respect to the formats . New formats are periodically designed, test. And launched on the market, so the discussion is anything but static. Some of the best known: banners, mastheads, skins, strips , are. Shown in the images below.

Some Display Advertising Formats

Programmatic, the automated Digital Advertising

How is online display advertising negotiated? The banners, once sold by publishers in a static way, through manual bargaining, are. Now negotiated automatically , through systems that connect and assign advertising spaces through auctions.

The meeting between demand (advertisers, often mediated by media centers) and supply (publishers, media) takes place through the DSP (Demand-Side-Platform), which act on the side of the advertisers and the SSP (Supply-Side-Platform) used by publishers to manage the sale of advertising space. Both use a third type of platform, the DMP (Data Management Platform) to integrate and analyze data from various internal and external sources, profile the public and audiences, centralize content management.

Programmatic Advertising consists of exactly this type of automated buying and selling of advertising spaces. If this happens in real time and on the basis of an auction between the different advertisers, in which the best offer , with respect to the price and adherence of the proposal for the target, wins, then we speak of RTB (Real Time Bidding Platform ).

The programmatic advertising sector will become increasingly important also thanks to the expansion of “digital logic” on new channels such as audio advertising (for example through smart speakers ), addressable TV (targeted commercials thanks to Smart TVs and televisions connected) and Digital OOH (screens and digital signage).

Other display advertising formats
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Video Advertising Display

Display video advertising is a type of display advertising that marks the highest growth margins. It is essentially divided into two categories. In-stream video advertising , out-stream video advertising . The first type, in-stream video advertising, includes advertising videos displayed before, during and after an editorial video content that the user wants to view. A classic example of this is YouTube advertising videos placed before, during and after viewing the searched video. They are the equivalent of advertisements that intersperse or interrupt television broadcasts on commercial networks.

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