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And it can pinch. Because it requires rapid processing and Portugal Phone Number List feedback, on the way to the next participation question. This means that the experts have to take action more often and faster. Not every project team can handle this equally well. And if the experts are still fully engaged in ‘drawing and calculating’, there is simply just as little to participate in. That is not a Portugal Phone Number List bad thing, this temporary ‘rest’ also offers space to publish the interim results and to create the right expectations for the follow-up. Just like the formal decision-making, objection procedures and court decisions. They interrupt the sprints to let democracy do its work. Also read: 7 practical tips for better remote participation Finally, a participation process often has sliding panels. In the context of ‘linkage opportunities’, elements are added to the project that were not originally part of it.

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Good for the support, but before you know it you are Algeria Phone Number sprinting that do not contribute to the original goal. A decisive client will also be alert to this. No massive information meetings, but several short online surveys, voting rounds or video meetings ensure more participants. Participants who time and again take the time to study the (sub)plans and to give their feedback. There are also groups of residents who do not participate in scrum participation. Too busy, too much (corona) worries or too little affinity with the subject.


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But because they can follow what is happening from the Portugal Phone Number List sidelines, they still feel involved. There is trust. Not only in the process, but also in the result. And if they want, they can of course always take a sprint. What does scrum participation mean for your project? There are also conditions for scrum participation. The client must embrace it and dare to make choices. Not only during the project, but especially before. Because what does participation actually mean for this project?

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