Digital Tools: Solutions To Help Your Employees

Both from a legislative point of view and from a managerial and organizational point of view, the world of work has undergone many changes in recent years. To be able to be competitive in a constantly changing world, these companies must indeed adapt to digital, because the latter now plays an important role in their organization as well as their working methods. Thanks to the employee skills analysis tools that are designed for them, HR firms and companies also have the opportunity to better assess their employees.

Those who refuse to adapt to new technologies are exposed to a reduction of at least 20% in their results . Following a study carried out by experts, it appears that for the majority of employees, digital tools are now proving to be essential both for the development of companies and for the professional world. About 80% of the employees questioned during the realization of this study consider that it is necessary for the collaborators to have an excellent mastery of the new technologies in their professional environment. Still according to the results of this study.

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This observation is also not generational, since approximately 75% of employees aged over 50 and 80% of those aged between 30 and 49 consider thatthe use of digital tools is now Ivory Coast Phone Number List essential for all companies that want to succeed or improve their competitiveness. The sector of activity; Salary status as well as degree level. Company size The perception of digital depends on the size of the company. Indeed, while 84% of employees in companies with more than 1,000 employees believe that it is essential to master digital tools, this percentage rises to 74%.

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when it comes to companies with less than ten employees. We can therefore conclude that these tools are better employees of large companies rather of small companies.  The area of ​​the activity In general, banking, telecoms and the media are considered to be the sectors most affected by this digital transformation. On the other hand, digital tools are very little democratized in sectors such as health and crafts. This is essentially due to the fact that the players.  In the sectors in question feel a certain apprehension in the face of the inexorable development of digital technology. Salary status The differences are also observed according to the status of the employee. Indeed, while 93% of managers are unanimous.

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on the fact that mastering digital tools is now an essential skill, only 75% of non-managers share this opinion. Degree level Most of the time, employees whose level is higher. The BAC are much more familiar with the use of digital tools. About 90% of employees who have this level even believe that digital is essential in the professional world. 30% of employees who have the level of the BAC think.  On the other hand that the 2.0 tools are not essential.  For the proper functioning of a company or an HR firm. It should also that despite these various disparities.  The mastery of digital tools has for several years been a necessary skill for employees.

Usefulness of software designed for carrying out skills assessments.  Thanks to the multiple solutions that now cover its various needs. The HR function is almost entirely digitalization. Among the innovative solutions that are now companies as well as to HR firms.  We can mention: Data visualization.  Mobile applications designed for recruitment. The HRIS; Software for conducting video interviews and conferences.  Competency assessment software. While effectively optimizing the employee evaluation process. Software  for carrying out skills assessments also contributes to obtaining a real gain in efficiency.

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