Disappear Like Snow In The Sun

Plan table packaging There are e-commerce retailers that produce custom clothing and accessories. Their customers create and upload their own designs to various merchandise so that they can create unique pieces. They then ship all orders in 100% compostable packaging, which is made from plant materials such as wheat and straw. They encourage their customers to plant a tree in their area in this packaging. Compostable and biodegradable plastic alternatives Another visionary in the field of sustainable packaging is a home textile brand from the US. Their products are known for their high standards of sustainability and social responsibility. In addition to shipping their products in 100% compostable packaging, they also offer reusable packaging in the form of drawstring cotton bags that customers can reuse. The solution Staying at home has inspired consumers to use e-commerce more often for their purchases.

Like Snow In The Sun

If nothing changes in the current systems, the number of plastic food packaging will grow by 100 million pieces per year until 2023. Sustainable packaging is the future, because as a brand you comply with EU measures and of course also because it does not contribute to the further depletion of natural resources thanks to a circular design. Consumers Finland B2B List are increasingly paying brands on this. So be part of the solution: the solution to plastic pollution and the solution to the upcoming challenges that every marketing department will face. The coronavirus has also caused a shock wave in the retail sector. This applies in particular to retail chains with different local sales regions without an online sales channel, and to retailers with ‘non-essential items’.


Snow In The Sun

During this second lockdown, social advertising is an important tool for reaching your target group. However, this requires a different strategy than before the crisis. The global pandemic is affecting consumer shopping behavior. The target group is shopping online more than ever before. Particularly in Europe, many consumers made their first online purchases. In May 2020, 48 percent of all consumers worldwide made a purchase through social advertising. As a result, the share of direct sales via social advertising increased in all retail sectors. So now is a good time to rethink your social advertising strategy. In times of crisis, retailers with multiple branches have to take into account widely varying circumstances. The right marketing message is now even more different than before. It is important to understand these changes and adapt the social advertising strategy accordingly.

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