Don’t Expect Everything to Be Easy

Social platforms have a lot of data available about interests, interactions and purchasing behavior that they can use to provide a personalized experience for all users. 5. Visual search Visual search can change the user experience quite a bit. For example, you can upload an image using visual search to get more specific results related to this image. Some examples in the field of visual search: Pinterest came up with Lens , a tool that allows users to take a photo of an article to find out where to buy it online, search for similar products or view inboards of related articles. Google is active with Google Lens . With Google Lens you can also save things like a photo of a book and the summary and view reviews, read about an artist during a museum visit, find similar products and where to buy them and more. With Bing Visual Search it is even possible to search for a part of a photo. For example, if you have a photo of a nice living room, but especially like that specific table, you can quickly find where to buy it with Bing Visual Search.

Expect Everything to Be Easy

Visual search through Google Lens. Pinterest currently carries more than 600 million visual search queries every month. Google Lens has also been used more than 1 billion times. Numbers that will only continue to grow. Despite the fact that this development is still at the beginning, it is precisely now that it creates opportunities to lead Italy B2B List the way in this area. Also in view of the fact that in many cases the competition is still minimal. 6. The Impact of Globalization Due to the operation of the internet, large parties are getting bigger and giants are expanding all over the world. The economies of scale on the internet are enormous. Companies that operate internationally have more data and often better access to both more talent and capital. The impact of globalization is therefore very noticeable and at the same time it is only just beginning. Certainly in the coming years there will be more and more competition from China.



Everything to Be Easy

Some data that support this image: On the last Singles Day in November, Alibaba realized a turnover of no less than 74.1 billion(!) dollars. More than 800 million customers bought something on that day. And more than 90% of all purchases are made via mobile. WeChat has more than 1.1 billion monthly active users. On average, they spend 30% of all time they spend on the web on their mobile on WeChat. More than 2.5 million companies also use WeChat Work to communicate with (potential) customers. In addition, more than 50 million companies in China now use WeChat Pay to receive payments. On average, they already receive more than 1 billion payments per day. Alipay and WeChat in store Superpowers such as Amazon and Alibaba are now also increasingly active in the Netherlands, so it is very important to consider how you should deal with this.

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