A Few Dozen In The Last Thirty

It cannot be generalized about everything and everyone. It does indicate that today’s marketer must be very alert, visionary and smart. The gaming audience is still less reached through current marketing channels. And then suddenly there was Google with their online gaming platform: Google Stadia. Stadia is, quite simply, a streaming service for games that makes it possible to switch seamlessly between different screens. Although Google currently only recruits gamers with Stadia, the service could offer opportunities for online marketing. Can Google revolutionize the marketing landscape as we know it? Google Stadia.

Dozen In The Last Thirty

What is Google Stadia? Google will launch the cloud gaming service Google Stadia in November 2019. Cloud gaming means that computer games are streamed directly from a particular company’s server. Currently, the company Steam has USA Business Fax List been the market leader in cloud gaming for years. That could now change with the arrival of Google Stadia. You could take your games with you wherever you go. This sounds like it’s getting close to the Nintendo Switch, the console that you can detach from your fixed TV screen and continue gaming on the go. With your Playstation and Xbox you are always stuck to your TV screen. With the Switch you can suddenly go everywhere with your console. Compare this to Google Stadia, and you could see Google Stadia as the steroids version of the Nintendo Switch.


In The Last Thirty

Seamless gaming experience Using Stadia simply requires only three parts: a Stadia controller, a stable internet connection, and an account. This alone makes Stadia accessible on PC, phone and tablet. If you also purchase a Google Chromecast, you can expand this to your TV. While watching TV has already provided support for watching TV on small screens such as PC, mobile and tablet, Google now also offers this flexibility. Are you gaming on your TV and your partner suddenly wants to watch TV? Put your game on pause, connect your controller to your tablet and continue quietly. That’s what Google Stadia stands for: the seamless gaming experience.

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