Ecommerce Companies Often Use Target Return on Ad

Google Shopping example Basic label. Tactic 4. Start advertising automatically with dynamic search ads It may just be that you have a webs hop with more than thousands of products. It will then become a time-consuming task to set up a separate advertisement for each product. The solution: dynamic search ads (DSA). The power of DSAs lies mainly in the automatic generation of ad headlines and landing pages. All you need to do is provide some 90-character descriptions and make a selection of pages. Google will do the rest. Golden tip: I recommend running a DSA alongside your regular keyword campaigns. The reason for this is that with a DSA you have less control over your advertisements. However, you can catch unknown popular search terms with a DSA. Tactic 5. Deploy extensions Displaying extensions is an essential part of a good SEA campaign. A good extension grabs attention and increases the chance of a click. In a nutshell, an extension is an extension that may appear at the bottom of an ad. For e-commerce marketing via Google Ads, automatic extensions are of particular interest. Basically you’re letting Google predict which extension will improve performance.

Companies Often Use Target Return on Ad Spend

Google will then create it automatically. Why would you do that? Easy. Google collects information and ratings from a web store and these may (possibly) be displayed in the form of seller ratings. If your webs hop has good reviews, this will boost the number of clicks. Basic label Search Extensions. Tactic 6. Make use of remarketing Remarketing is indispensable in any e-commerce campaign. The reason for Outlook Email List this is that the majority of visitors do not make a purchase during their first visit. If you have a Shopping feed, you can get started with dynamic remarketing campaigns . With this display campaign it is possible to entice previous visitors with specific advertisements to make a new visit. With dynamic remarketing campaigns, the visitor sees products in the ad with which he has previously interacted. This makes the ad extra relevant and therefore ensures better click-through rates and more purchases. Remarketing for Bicycle Competitor. Another form of remarketing is the so-called RLSA campaign. This term stands for remarketing lists for search ads .

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Often Use Target Return on Ad Spend

The difference with the above is that an RLSA campaign revolves around text ads. If you want to set up an RLSA campaign, it is necessary to create a target group list. Such a target group list can consist of dropouts who have visited your site in the past 90 days. There are several tactics you can use with an RSLA, mainly: Visitors who have not made a purchase can be reached again with the same or modified keywords. For example, you can show these visitors a special discount code in the ad. You can use broad keywords, which are normally relatively expensive, to reach people who have visited your webshop before. You can also create a target group list with visitors from your competitors. Tactic 7: Take advantage of smart bidding strategies Finally, I find that many of our new ecommerce customers have not taken full advantage of smart bidding . I think this is a shame, because it can save so much time. You can then use this time to focus on the creatives and target groups. Is there one bidding strategy that is guaranteed to generate more sales? Absolutely not. Ecommerce companies often use target return on ad spend (ROAS).

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