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Women (63%) feel generally more bothered by Albania Phone Number advertising of an uninteresting nature than men (59%). For their part, users between 18 and 24 years old (78%) are more sensitive to advertising than consumers over 55 years old (52%). The consumer is willing to inflict punishment on brands that mortify him with their online. Advertising Although most Internet Albania Phone Number users simply suffer in silence the blunders committed in the name of online advertising.  A good Albania Phone Number number of users take the trouble to take action.

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One in five Internet users have already blocked the Albania Phone Number advertising of certain brands . And 14% of consumers have become so uncomfortable. They no longer buy products and services from brands that harass them with online advertising. 5% of Internet users. Their complaints to brands through social networks and 9% have

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To help advertisers connect more efficiently with their customers through online Albania Phone Number advertising, ParcelLab recommends that they focus on certain emotional moments in the purchase process . Consumers are particularly open to advertising immediately after receiving an order at Albania Phone Number home. And they develop, on the contrary, more negative feelings when they go to return the products they have previously purchased .

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