Employer Brand: Description, Impact And Actions To Be Taken

Increasingly, the employer brand is at the heart of companies’ attractiveness issues. Indeed, if used wisely, it is the miracle cure that will eliminate many worries both in terms of marketing communication, but also in terms of human resources. It is a concept that developed at the start of the 21st century and took on great importance in France from 2010. Indeed, it has become important for a company to have a convincing image both in terms of its employees as well as its potential future collaborators . So, a company can have a very strong brand, but have a bad employer brand (fast food franchises find themselves in this situation most of the time). If this is the case, potential talent in your field of activity will have a hard time opting for your company. Therefore, a communication strategy.

the values ​​advocated, etc. These points contribute to strengthening your employer brand and are promoted by the human resources department in close collaboration with the communication department. What is the employer brand? According to Ambler and Barrow, the employer brand is the set of functional, economic and psychological advantages inherent in employment and with which the company, as an employer, is identified. This definition is complex and very complete, but the recruiter brand can be seen differently and more simply. It can therefore be defined as the set of image issues with the internal and external public of the company . Thus, it relates both to employees (internal public) and to potential candidates (external public). Note that the notion of employer branding falls under the marketing of human resources and if your company does not have the adequate skills.

The Implementation Of A Good Employer Brand

in human resources and communication to take care of it, the use of an external service is possible. Plotfox takes care of your employer branding without a hitch. It is a good alternative among El Salvador Phone Number List the plethora of companies that practice in this field. The employer brand, recruitment and employees Most of the time, we reduce the employer brand to the recruitment of young talents . This is a big mistake, as it goes beyond mere recruiting and the company’s recruiter brand. Indeed, in the digital age, the image of your company is of paramount importance insofar as inconveniences and internal problems can spread like wildfire thanks to the Internet. With that Sword of Damocles constantly hanging over your head, the magic bullet is to ride the company’s employer brand, which is not only about recruiting qualified employees, but also retaining those who are already working there .

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To this end, human resources are working to define the appropriate employer positioning to attract.  The new generation of qualified and talented employees. At the same time, they create an appropriate working climate for company employees, work for their well-being and ensure their loyalty. With the promotion of this professional framework and the desire to put everyone at ease on social networks, the employer image of your company will be in good shape and potential candidates will only have eyes for your firm. . Impact of a strong employer brand When you have a strong employer brand, your business will only enjoy positive impacts. Thus, your main challenge will be not to dent it, because as we said above, information spreads very quickly these days thanks to the internet, in particular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.).

Impact Of An Idealized Employer Brand

The main objective of setting up a strong employer brand is to make.  Your brand attractive to potential candidates as well as to the media. Recruitment sites, universities, etc. Also, the internal customers of your human resources department are no longer . Indeed, although they work there (the various employees such as managers, directors, partners, etc.). The employer brand must continue to make them dream. They feel at ease and that they are evolving in the best company in their sector . It is therefore a constant challenge that met by knowing exactly what to do to stay on course. The best way is to carry out the surveys to know what needs over time. Note that you are doing all of this in order to achieve company goals.

Moreover, when you have an idealized employer brand, the damage is not long in coming within the company. Impact of an idealized employer brand Companies are waging a war for talent. To this end, all means are good to attract the cream of the crop to your business. Nevertheless, selling the dream to potential candidates through your employer brand is very detrimental for both parties. But more so for the company. In other words, show that you are an employer of choice.  With particular attention to the smallest details on working conditions.  The climate between the different employees, professional development and remuneration have a positive impact. Therefore, if it turns out that the gap between the employer brand and the reality within the box is immeasurable.

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