Energy Savings In Business: Top 10 Attitudes To Adopt!

To remain economically stable, any company needs to minimize its various costs as much as possible. Electricity bills take a central place among these and can be a real problem for the company when they are too high. Fortunately, there are many tricks and ideas, the implementation of which allows any company to significantly reduce this burden. Want to know all about it? Here are the top 10 attitudes to adopt to save energy in business. Although this solution can be expensive, it is one of the best options that can help a company reduce its energy consumption. Indeed, many of the buildings that house businesses are old, dilapidated and generally poorly designed. This state of affairs means that these buildings fail to limit energy waste.

Thanks to significant advances in the sector, it is now possible to have your company’s premises diagnosed in order to detect insulation and leakage problems on the electrical network. Once these have been identified, renovation work can then be undertaken in order to put an end to energy waste resulting from building failures. Of course, work of this magnitude has a significant cost, Opting for LED lighting within the company This solution occupies a privileged place among the options that can allow a company to lower the amount of its electricity bills. Lighting is one of the main sources of energy consumption . Acting on it by using the solutions offered by Energineo Industrial LED is the best way to save energy. Why choose LED lights in particular?

Use Office Equipment Wisely

Before the advent of LED lamps, incandescent lamps were the most widely used by households and businesses. In addition to being inefficient, this type of lamp consumed a lot of energy. They South Korea Phone Number List were gradually withdrawn from the French market before finally being banned in 2012 by the European Union . Compact fluorescent lamps then invaded the market, because their use proved to be very advantageous. They have a lifespan 8 to 10 times longer and consume less energy for equivalent lighting. Despite these positive aspects, compact fluorescent lamps have some drawbacks: Some last less than their manufacturers claim; These lamps emit ultraviolet radiation which can be harmful to sensitive people; The lighting time for some of these lamps can sometimes be too long.

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Compact fluorescent lamps all contain mercury, a dangerous metal which must be recycled under specific conditions. Both efficient and environmentally friendly, LED lamps are the best choice in lighting. The use of this type of lamp has several advantages. An unparalleled lifespan Of all the existing lighting technologies, LED technology remains the most sustainable . LED lamps have a lifespan (25,000 to 50,000 hours) that is significantly longer than that of other types of lamps. They can be used for several years without showing signs of failure. Low power consumption This is the main advantage of LEDs at this level: they consume very little energy. Good to know: LED lamps consume 8 to 10 less energy than conventional incandescent lamps.

So How Do You Switch To Led Lighting?

Their energy consumption is also 3 to 5 times lower than that of compact fluorescent lamps, which are nevertheless known for their low energy consumption. Opting for LED lamps is therefore the best way to save energy in business . Instant optimal lighting As you will have probably already noticed, certain types of lamps only reach their maximum level of lighting after a few seconds or minutes of ignition. But LED lamps reach this same level of illumination as soon as they are switched on. They instantly emit a luminous flux powerful enough to provide optimal lighting. A low level of heating LED lamps generally do not heat up above 32°C, which is not the case with other types of bulbs. Indeed, incandescent lamps can heat up to 150°C. As regards compact fluorescent ones, they heat up to 70°C.

Eco-friendly lamps LED bulbs do not contain mercury and as non-hazardous waste. Which is not the case for other types of lamps such as compact fluorescent lamps. So how do you switch to LED lighting? The best way to switch to LED lighting is to seek the services of an expert company in the field such as Energineo. Energineo is indeed in professional LED lighting. A growing company, Energineo puts all its expertise at the service of companies with lighting projects, regardless of their sector of activity. The latter can benefit from a whole range of services: diagnosis, installation, maintenance and even an after-sales service. Use office equipment wisely Most companies have a fleet of electrical devices that employees use to work.

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