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Many people find the barrier to reacting to a live video is much Estonia Phone Number List lower than when they watch a regular video. You get the interaction with your audience directly from your target group. The viewers also see among themselves who is responding. They will also Estonia Phone Number List respond to each other. This way you create a buzz and you quickly have the desired interaction with your audience. Benefits Facebook Starting a live stream on Facebook is done quickly. A matter of pressing a button and the live stream can start. Afterwards, the live stream can remain on the page, so that it can be viewed again.

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Handy for analyzing what went right or wrong and great for Estonia Phone Number List the people who couldn’t be there live. They can ask questions afterwards that you can easily answer. Finally, Facebook potentially has a large social reach. Does not require additional software. It is Estonia Phone Number List free to use, unlike most commonly used webinar tools. Since the corona crisis, we have seen that the live streams on Facebook and Instagram have taken off by politicians. The trend was set, under pressure or not, by mayors. They are the most appropriate person to inform residents. To give them words of encouragement. The aim of these live streams is to address as many residents as possible in a personal way as soon as possible.

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Estonia Phone Number List

Facebook life can meet this need: not too complicated and Estonia Phone Number List nice and personal. Live stream with mayor Below is a beautiful and successful example of Mayor Frank Dales of the municipality of Velsen. In an hour, he independently updates residents via Estonia Phone Number List the live stream on Facebook. He informs residents about the state of affairs regarding the coronavirus, the impact on his municipality and he answers questions from concerned residents. He does this in real time by reading the questions in the chat. The livestream has been viewed no less than 40,000 times! In addition, the video received more than 350 likes and 250 comments in the discussion.

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