English In The Workplace: Does It Really Matter?

On the school benches, you have acquired the basic notions of English. It is certainly not UAE Mobile Number Database wasted time since you will certainly need it in your professional course. Mastering English is also becoming a criterion of choice during a job test. Although some companies have their head office in a French-speaking environment, they are looking for bilingual employees. The candidate who speaks English in addition to French is immediately in pole position to occupy the coveted position? After the Second World War, industrialization undoubtedly led to a new concept called “globalization ”. A vision of Anglo-Saxon inspiration, globalization has reduced the world to a global village. The lock of cultural borders has been broken.

With it, the inhabitants of the earth can go from one corner of the planet to another. To discover other cultures or demonstrate their professional skills. The English and the Americans having been the first to grasp the importance of this vision in the development of nations, immediately adopted it. They deported their culture, their language with, in all the countries of the world. It is true that English only comes 3rd in the ranking of the most spoken languages ​​in the world. It comes after Chinese and Spanish, with 1.5 billion speakers, according to the latest statistics. But thanks to their know-how, English speakers have been able to impose their language as the most common medium of communication in the business world. This was made possible by their investment in science, culture, and technology.

Private Lessons And The Topic

In medicine, computer science, or agronomy, scientists have a pre-established methodology that governs their experiments. Given that the researchers are of various nationalities throughout the world, it was necessary to agree on a common language for the restitution of the results. The English language finally imposed itself as a common denominator. His ease in synthesizing research methodologies and the number of people who speak it have made the English language the first scientific language. In the diplomatic and business field, you cannot hold a conference or participate in negotiations without speaking English. The practical and gentlemanly side of Shakespeare’s language is prized to seduce the vis-à-vis. As a result, most diplomatic documents are written in English. The scientific books which constitute breviaries, nowadays, are all published in this same language.

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The business world in Anglo-Saxon colors “A different language is a different view of life, ” said Federico Fellini. This reflects the importance for any worker to learn a new language. This reality is valid for all languages ​​and for English specifically. Companies are more and more inclined to hire bilingual employees in order to meet market needs. Most of the big investors are foreigners. Chinese, Arab, American or Brazilian, all business partners are fluent in English. It is therefore imperative for a CEO to have an executive assistant who is also knowledgeable. It can make up for its own shortcomings. Figures speak better of the urgency for companies to recruit English-speaking staff. If we stick to the IPSOS count concerning a study on the subject, the need is more than alarming than expected.

Impact Of English On The Employee’S Career

81% of companies surveyed in France plan to recruit bilingual employees in the coming years. 78% attest to having recruited them in recent years. These  same studies specify that companies’ need for bilingual personnel does not only concern design positions. Apart from executives, business contributors, and management assistants, workers and other technicians must now be able to speak English. Businesses no longer have a choice. If they are going to survive in a very competitive environment, they have to turn to international trade. The establishment of subsidiaries in all regions of the world, therefore, becomes the only escape route. If you do not yet have the ability to speak the English language, you certainly risk losing your job any day. Given that the unemployment rate is galloping, it would be regrettable to find oneself in such a situation when one has the intrinsic skills to occupy the position.

You must quickly register for an English course to be competitive on the job market. Moreover, general education courses only offer elusive notions of the English language. However, the business world has its own rather particular code of communication. In addition, the learning time is quite short, given the urgency of the case. The employee must then contact English language training specialists, to quickly get up to speed. You can take private English lessons to hold during a telephone conversation with your employer’s business partner. With this type of course, you will have the necessary basics to understand the nuances of the language during a business negotiation. Your partner will want to get more benefits than your company when entering into a contract.


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