Enskin Works On The Creative Side

Instead of immediately looking for new technologies to achieve the same result. We now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to hit the reset button and do things differently. How? That’s hard for me to say, but I do think it has to do with. A change in our way of thinking. Wesley term Hair of Media Monks talked about a ‘mindset shift’ in his online seminar at this year’s. SXSW festival called ‘Feed the Feeds’. We’ve used digital too much as a low-funnel conversion booster. When we should really be exploiting the possibilities it offers for interactivity and play . Rather than interrupting people online, we should look for opportunities to become meaningful part of what they are doing. Also read: How The Social Dilemma on Netflix makes you think about manipulation The first steps are being taken by companies such as Illume and Enskin .

Works On The Creative Side

Enskin works on the creative side of advertising and tries to turn static display banners into art again by focusing on interactivity and the premium environment in which the banners operate. It makes me happy that I am surrounded on a daily basis by young, enthusiastic marketers who also want to do things differently. That does not alter the fact Nigeria Phone Number List that we as an industry, as a whole, have to change. Back to accountability and trust, but also our creativity. Great advertising is the best builder of trust. So yes, we need to sort out the industry but we also need to get back to great ads. – Keith Weed And who knows…’ proudly answer with: “Because I want to connect people to the brands that matter to them and because we – as a trillion-dollar industry – can bring about major social change.”


On The Creative Side

Do you think so too? In a market where consumers have hundreds of contact moments with brands via online communications every day, it is more important than ever to distinguish yourself. This makes it extremely fruitful to establish yourself as a brand online. Online branding is the art of distinguishing yourself as a brand on a product level. But also, and perhaps more importantly, on an emotional level.  That’s a question many companies ask when it comes to online branding.  Until recently, it was very difficult to say anything about the performance of (online) branding campaigns.

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