Ethics of Social Media Marketing

For the third year in a row it is a squeeze for the corporate event industry. Uncertainty about the near future of events and having to make last minute adjustments due to tightened corona measures is unfortunately a regular fixture. As an organizer of an event, conference or congress, what choices can you make in 2022, and how can you get the most out of it? And which trends should you definitely not miss?

Record your content in advance

Also in this new year, organizing a business event requires adaptability, flexibility and resilience. While many sectors are allowed to open (partially) again, the event Uruguay Phone Number sector will remain closed for the time being. What happens next is just as uncertain as the course of the corona pandemic. And that is quite difficult if you are soon organizing your own event.

Hybrid is becoming the norm

Perhaps you are already working on your planning for spring, summer or even autumn. And you have to make decisions in the short term about, among other things, the form and content. Some questions that may be on your mind right now are: are you going for a physical meeting? And do you take the one and a half meter measure into account or not? Is 100% virtual a good idea?

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