Everyone Agrees That Customer Data

That’s it! By working with a SMART objective, you make it clear to yourself and your colleagues what exactly you are going to do. Your current online campaigns can help you achieve your goal with a few adjustments. And certainly if you have your measurability in order, you will soon be able to demonstrate that your campaign for the holidays has been successful. Good luck and happy holidays in advance! I’m going to assume you’ve seen the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma . Around that time I just started a new job as an advertising specialist. Advertising, with an emphasis on social advertising, was quite a hot topic at the time. So I was often asked what I actually thought of my field of work. And yes, as a true – ethical – millennial, I had a hard time explaining why I worked in advertising without apologizing. Why? Because I was simply afraid that the people around me would perceive me as part of the problem. Personalization always works, right?

Agrees That Customer Data

Everyone agrees that customer data is the most valuable asset for us as marketers today. While the number of online advertisements continues to grow, we are taught that we can differentiate our advertisements by personalizing. That’s why marketers love cookies and collecting data about customers’ online behavior. With that information we can set up personal advertisements, build funnels and retarget. Although the intention is that Taiwan Phone Number List the advertisements are more in line with the consumer in this way, it seems that in many cases they are a major source of irritation. Researchers dubbed this phenomenon the ” personalization paradox ” in 2015. More personalization usually increases the relevance of the ad and thus its attractiveness to the consumer. But if you use this incorrectly, it can actually create a feeling of vulnerability in consumers. This can cause the acceptance rate of the ads to decrease. We went from super relevant to extremely annoying. And that’s exactly where we got lost.


That Customer Data

With the possibility of buying media on a large scale and our subsequent obsession with standardized metrics such as conversion, reach and CTR (%) we have lost sight of the more human and creative side of advertising. In other words, we went from super relevant to extremely annoying. I think that cookies eventually became fatal. Where is the sweet spot? According to multiple sources in customer trust in your brand. And now it appears that marketers have lost sight of that trust in recent years. The low point of the advertising industry At the end of 2019, it emerged that public confidence in the advertising industry had reached an all-time low . That sounds dramatic, but shouldn’t be news. Kantar’s Dimension Study also reported last year that more than half of all internet users now use ad-blockers. And only 14% of respondents still trust advertisers. And it doesn’t get any better.

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