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The first question to ask is obviously who is our main actor. As mentioned above, we will call him a person . It is not a single one, but it is the set of characteristics specific to a specific customer segment. What, in this case, interests the company. A systematic integration between CRM software and marketing automation is necessary to detect preliminary targeting information. To check where the positive experience takes place, to monitor negative points of contact and to understand where to suture. Surgically.

Social Media Marketing for Successful Realtors

Monitoring through anecdotal research Switzerland Phone Number takes over. Feedback collected on the web such as reviews, comments on the site. Citations on external sites and/or blogs as well as a survey of opinion from sales staff or the sales department. The interest must be so deep as to go towards understanding the business models of direct competitors. To understand how they make the customer experience profitable in the long term. In this case, specific tools (such as AnswerThePublic and SEMrush) that reveal information about Google’s suggestions thanks to graphs indicative of a user’s implementation spectrum help a lot. They are the litmus test of the needs of personal buyers with respect to the company’s market.


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With these data in hand, you can proceed to create the cognitive cartography of the customer and the phases of the Customer Journey as a path towards the primary objective. Not the purchase, but the experience that leads to a happy return to the brand with a feeling of total belonging. A map, useful for defining successful KPIs and objectives such as a return to Ithaca, without an odyssey in between. Generally, the phases of the Customer Journey and its decision-making funnel are five and all lead to greater involvement, satisfaction, and conversions.

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