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This way you can also recognize which affiliates are new. 4. Fraud still occurs Affiliate marketing regularly involves fraud. The main reason for this is that many affiliates work with a structure that is not clear. Common forms of fraud include cookie dropping, promoting non-existent discount codes, spam, and copying an ad from another organization (also known as ad hijacking). To recognize fraud, it is important that you check all data regularly. These are, for example, the numbers, conversion, SEO/SEA position and conspicuousness in terms of time. Hopefully the above tips will help you set up an affiliate marketing campaign that scores as an advertiser. Do you have any additional tips? Let us know in the comments. Good luck! How come your Facebook ad is getting rejected? And why does it sometimes take a long time to review such an advertisement? Facebook’s review process is a black box.

Wants To Provide Some More Insight

Facebook recently published an overview that gives you more insight into the assessment process. What requirements must an advertisement meet? Let’s start with those rules. So before you even submit an ad, you need to know the rules from front to back. Facebook refers Kazakhstan Phone Number List you to the Advertising Policies and the Community Standards for this . For example, the advertisement may not discriminate, contain fake news or promote illegal products. But spelling mistakes are also a no go, it may not contain animations or mislead people with images. And even if you mention Facebook or Instagram in it, your ad could be disapproved. These are just a few points from the policy, there are many more. It is also possible that other policies apply, for example if you also want to place the ad on Instagram. Facebook advertising policies.


To Provide Some More Insight

How does the review process work? Facebook wants to provide some more insight into the review process in the context of transparency (and perhaps to reduce frustration?) . Facebook writes: This system relies primarily on automated technology to apply our Advertising Policies to the millions of ads that run across our apps. The image below shows how the process works. The Facebook Ads review process. Usually your ad will be reviewed within 24 hours. During the process, the status of your ad is ‘in review’. But it can sometimes take longer. The system assesses the ad and its components (e.g. text, image, video and targeting), but also the landing page.

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