First-party Cookies Play an Increasingly Important Role in This

In the orientation phase, potential buyers look and compare on different websites. So start announcing your actions early. Once you’ve published your deals, you can use organic social media posts and paid campaigns to promote the deals. Tip: make sure you save visitors to your website in a retargeting list so that you can draw their attention to your actions with retargeting campaigns on, for example, Facebook, Google and Instagram at a later time . Shops and webs hops with a large assortment can choose to offer a different deal every day. This way you stay relevant throughout the week and trigger the potential buyer to return to your website or store. Large chains such as have already preceded you. We’ve all heard about removing third-party cookies from Chrome in 2023. And we also know that Safari and Firefox have already taken several measures to block tracking by default.

Cookies Play an Increasingly Important Role in This

So we see the larger tech companies go further and further to guarantee the privacy of their users, partly thanks to the changing society and the introduction of the GDPR. But what is the impact of these changes for marketers? And how do you get started with a first-party data strategy? I share that in this article. What are third-party cookies again? Just to refresh your memory: third-party cookies are Interior Designers Email List cookies that come from third parties. Think, for example, of advertising platforms. For example, Facebook can collect data to offer advertisers increasingly better targeting options, and Google Analytics can determine through which channel you ultimately ended up on the website. Step-by-step plan: from third-party to first-party Blocking third-party cookies presents marketers with major challenges, but also opportunities.

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Play an Increasingly Important Role in This

This development means that there will be new opportunities for better advertising, with more privacy for the consumer. All this can be achieved by collecting data yourself. This is where first-party cookies come into play. We are moving towards a situation where collecting and processing our own data will only become more important. First-party cookies play an increasingly important role in this. With a first-party cookie you collect data for your own purposes, without it being forwarded to an external domain. With this you become the owner of the data and you can process and use it yourself. Before you can take the first steps to set up a first-party data strategy, you first want to know what the impact of this development will be on your organization.

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