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Norbert Research and the role of experts Ask three experts for Bolivia Phone Number List their opinion and they will all say something different. So it’s about knowing when to listen to which expert. Better yet, investigate what’s going on. Although we don’t work for Corona or any Bolivia Phone Number List other Grupo Modelo brand, we find it interesting enough how to deal with a crisis, especially if the crisis is in your brand name. We (Rik Brouwer. Ileen Bouw and Jorge Labadie) found For Almost All Action CG Research willing to do this research with us. And the results surprised us too! Also read: What do you think: should beer brand Corona change its name?

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The presuppositions of experts: but no effect Before the poll, some Bolivia Phone Number List brand experts on LinkedIn discussed whether COVID-19 would have an effect on the beer Corona. One expert said this has no effect, as there is no logical relationship or ‘fit’ between the two. Another Bolivia Phone Number List claimed it depended: people may not make a relationship on their own, but that changes when a connection is made by the media or Corona itself. When a third expert showed a message from Corona, in which the brand itself said there was no effect on their people, the product or their business (don’t think of a pink elephant).

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We saw the opportunity to investigate this and let you know. ask what Bolivia Phone Number List you would do. You were clear: stay put! Although one in five wanted to change their name. It is interesting to report that Corona itself was planning to change the brand to Coronita , a brand Bolivia Phone Number List name they already used for their pre-mixes. If such a big brand does that, surely it must be good? Let’s see ;-). Corona beer.From our scientific background, we know that a classical experiment is a suitable way to investigate a causal relationship between different conditions. You compare the situation before with the situation after and test whether there are significant differences.

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