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Develop your own religion and beliefs appropriate to the market in which you operate and in line with your brand identity. Do this based on facts and experiments. Formulate and test hypotheses in the most scientific way possible. The experiment is an important instrument in this: vary the use of media, measure the effects, switch things on and off, make experiments measurable by conducting them convincingly and with sufficient scale. Not only advertising is important There are many more variables that affect your market share, revenue and transactions than advertising alone. Know these variables and quantify their influence. Also consider the specific dynamics in the market and the competitive field. How many alternatives are there for the consumer? Out-smarting your competitor is a game in itself. So do not rely solely on the data from ad servers to derive and calculate effects.

For The Best Campaign Result

Leave room for nuance Be critical of (research) agencies that draw oversimplified conclusions. This is often based on far too small samples with large margins of error and therefore unfounded. Of course, a researcher or agency would rather be able to give firm advice than admit they aren’t sure. Because what else are you paying them for? I see many competitors fall into that trap. To keep things simple and clear, misleading analyzes are made or Lesotho B2B List unrealistic expectations are created. Develop algorithms that look for extra clicks, extra buyers, new groups. DMP technology allows you to detect existing customers, so you don’t spend money on recruiting this group. So this kind of technology helps to reduce the selection effect. Also think of data activation processes where you can create very concrete groups in CRM data (people who buy little or start churn, for example).


The Best Campaign Result

The suggestion from the articles in The Correspondent that advertising doesn’t work and generates even less sales is partially true, but only within specific markets, strategies and situations. It cannot be generalized about everything and everyone. It does indicate that today’s marketer must be very alert, visionary and smart. Or very religious.Gaming has been known for years next to TV and the internet and has only become more popular with e-sports, among other things. The gaming audience is still less reached through current marketing channels. And then suddenly there was Google with their online gaming platform: Google Stadia. Stadia is, quite simply, a streaming service for games that makes it possible to switch seamlessly between different screens. Although Google currently only recruits gamers with Stadia, the service could offer opportunities for online marketing.

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