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Entertainment Entertainment has also reached TikTok. With an increase in views of 251% and the creation of videos of 71%, with billions With These  of views. Thus, on the Iran Phone Number platform they echo acclaimed premieres, such as The Squid Game , or reality Iran Phone Number shows that everyone is talking about, such as The Island of Temptations. 4. Kitchen Food and drink are constant on TikTok, and there are more and more creators of this type of content.

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The hashtag #comida accumulates more than 1,800 Iran Phone Number million views , which implies a growth of 141% . #Recipe has experienced an increase of 106% and has more than 800 million views. 5. Finance and education Finance is another area that Iran Phone Number has become relevant, apart from education in general. In fact, #AprendeConTikTok is one of the most popular in Spain, because it responds to that need to know.

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This category of content has registered a Iran Phone Number growth of 363% in its video views and more than 202% in video creations produced in Spain. 6. Community Commerce TikTok has become a space to discover products and brands . 73% of people feel a deeper connection to the companies they interact with on the platform compared to others. On the other hand, 67% say that this network has inspired them to buy, even when they were not looking to do so.

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