From Execution To Coaching In Fact

There are several points to keep in mind when setting up a campaign. 1. Keep Advertising Pausing all marketing efforts is not a good idea. Brands that opted for that strategy during the first corona peak were virtually invisible. Consumers have different expectations of retailers in these times, especially when it comes to the content of social advertising. That is why it is important that you continue to advertise. 2. Respond to the information need Consumers appreciate social advertising messages that match the zeitgeist surrounding the corona crisis. But also updates about the measures taken in the store. Uber Eats, for example, is a company that has responded well to the information needs of consumers. In addition to showing that they handle delivery safely ( no-contact delivery ), they no longer charge delivery surcharges from restaurants since the corona crisis.

Execution To Coaching In Fact

It is therefore not surprising that discounts and offers score well. There are opportunities here, in particular for supermarkets. It is important that products remain available. After all, fair distribution is paramount. 4. Promote localized offers It is important that your social ads communicate the correct local information. For example, the price France B2B List and availability of your product must correspond to the product in the store closest to the consumer. Also think of opening hours, the delivery area, or information about crisis-related services such as curbside pickup . Do you sell (online) products where sales are sensitive to weather conditions? If your campaign is broken down by region due to the corona crisis, this is a good extra factor to use. HEMA, for example, is a retail chain that uses this successfully.


To Coaching In Fact

They adapt their advertisements locally to the weather forecasts. Social selling example of HEMA 5. Sharpen the omnichannel strategy It has been written many times on this website : omnichannel is the new reality. The customer interacts with your brand through all kinds of channels and devices. It is therefore also wise to provide your social advertising strategy with the necessary dose of omnichannel. For example, a social advertising campaign does not only have to lead to higher sales, but can play a role in the provision of information to the consumer. Also read: 20 tips for a higher conversion on product pages Omnichannel best practices There are several ways to maximize your offline sales with online ads: Help customers find their way through the webs hop.

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