Furnished Rentals And Airbnb-Type Rentals: What’S The Difference?

The rental of real estate has taken a real boom in the different cities nowadays. And any home owner wishing to engage in rental can choose: rent his empty, furnished home, or rent his apartment on Airbnb. However, this choice should not be made on a whim, because whether it is a classic furnished rental or an Airbnb-type rental, the rental of your main residence is governed by regulations whose non-compliance or non-mastery can very quickly be fatal to you. Focus on these two types of rental. We speak of the furnished rental when the accommodation for rent is equipped with all the necessary objects that can allow the tenant to lead a daily life after the signing of the contract. If this is not the case.

Since March 2014, the date of the promulgation of the Alur law, article 25-4 of the law of July 6, 1989, has defined it as follows: “A furnished accommodation is a decent accommodation equipped with furniture in number and insufficient quality to allow the tenant to sleep, eat and live there properly with regard to the requirements of everyday life. » Real estate at the service of the law Renting furnished homes is different from renting bare. Thus, it is subject to specific legal requirements that it is important that owners and tenants are required to know before signing the contract downloadable from Furniture to be provided for a furnished rental The furniture to be provided for a furnished rental is determined by decree no. 2015-981 of July 31, 2015. The accommodation must include:

What Authorizations For An Airbnb Type Rental?

maintenance equipment to ensure cleanliness such as a bucket, mop, etc. This equipment must be adapted to the characteristics of the accommodation  ; everything you need to Qatar Phone Number List sleep decently (bed frame, mattress, box spring, duvet or blanket, a device for concealing the windows in the bedrooms, etc.); the equipment necessary for the preparation of his meal (an oven or a microwave oven, hotplates, a refrigerator or a freezer, etc.); accessories and equipment for eating meals (kitchen utensils, table and chairs, light fixtures, etc.). It should be specified that it is the owner-lessor who must proceed with the purchase of the necessary furniture and equipment which he must record in the balance sheet of his “company”. The nature of the accommodation to be provided for furnished rental.

The accommodation must comply with certain hygiene and cleanliness rules set by decree in 2002. These rules are criteria of decency that at all costs. The tenant must not to hygiene problems and benefit from good health security. The residence must be clean and equipped with a drinking water installation, heating. Toilets should not be close to the kitchen, dining room or shower. The minimum surface area of ​​the rental accommodation is 9 m2. Failure to comply with these criteria is severely law. The rental contract Rental costs for accommodation are fixed in relation the rent paid by the previous tenant and are also related to the place where the accommodation is located. Indeed, the furnished rental contract is very regulated. It varies according to the profile of the tenant.

The Furnished Rental Contract

If the tenant is a student, the contract is for a period of nine months and may not be renewable.  If the tenant is not a student. Then the contract is over a of at least one-year tacit renewal from one year the next. If you are a tenant of furnished accommodation and want to go on vacation, the problem does not arise too much. You can leave at any time. All you need to do is provide one month’s notice. The owner, meanwhile, has a duty to notify his tenant three months in advance if he wants to give him leave. Airbnb-style rentals When we talk about Airbnb-type rental a fashionable short-term tourist furnished rental that generates very income. Airbnb is a collaborative platform that offers co-owners seasonal rentals.

This rental seems more profitable than the classic furnished rental described above. Consequence: several people try to become owners in order to rent their accommodation via Airbnb. Other owners who were already doing classic furnished rentals have converted. Indeed, renting your accommodation on Airbnb is very profitable, especially in large cities.. Analyzes have also shown that engaging in this activity in certain Parisian districts. Is three to four times more beneficial than a conventional rental. In a few days, the co-owners can obtain income. That they would earn in a month if it were a classic rental. To prevent this practice from becoming popular, some cities like Paris have to set of rental. Thus, now Airbnb-type rentals are also subject to regulations.

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