Generation Z is registering for the first year! Dream industry open

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Education, more than 200,000 students enter the workplace every year, and this year is the first batch of post-00s, that is, the first generation of Z generation to enter the workplace.¬†This group of young people’s ideas about work break away from traditional thinking. They believe that work is the most important stage for achievement and performance. Therefore, they like to invest in creative industries, such as start-up companies or brands that follow the times.

For example, according to a Microsoft

survey, Gen Z redefines the concept of “work”. Since the traditional office culture and ¬†industrial model have no longer attracted them, nearly 62% Kazakhstan Phone Number¬† of Gen Z are planning to start a business or invest in new industries. “Forbes” columnist pointed out in the article “How to Manage Generation Z Workers” that Generation Z has a different value for work than in the past. Compared with promotion, it is more attractive to give creativity, challenging tasks and immediate sense of accomplishment feedback them.

Dcard is one of the well-known social

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forums for young Taiwanese nowadays, with up to 5 million users. This platform started as a community function, allowing students to meet more friends from different schools. In addition, Dcard has also expanded its reach to e-commerce platforms, advertising, etc., gathering a large number of young people of the Z generation through forums, and using Dcard ambassadors to share cooperative products.

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