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The agent is becoming increasingly challenging. Today, a service agent is more than just a helpful employee. It is above all a centipede with different Finland Phone Number competencies. What roles should the modern customer service agent fulfill? Technological developments and shifts in the media landscape A lot of channels have  in recent years and sometimes the number of channels also decreases.

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there is a continuous shift in channel use. At the same time, technological processes continue to evolve. Customer service agents have to deal with this flexibly. Channel shift E-mail is one of the channels that  less nowadays. The long processing time often causes irritation for the customer and that is not beneficial for customer satisfaction. There is a shift towards live chat as it is much easier to answer.

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Questions quickly via live chat. Customers, therefore, prefer this, according to research by Freshdesk. Practice shows that, in general, no new competencies are required to answer live chat instead of email. Customer service agents know how to adapt well in this area. Development of technological processes Other technological developments do create challenges for customer service agents.

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