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Also read: This is what you do if someone wants your video offline Hostnet indicated that they could only pass on the complaint to the customer. Hostnet was also kind enough to look up the name of the site host in the DNS (Singlehop LLC). Photographer: formal domain name holder liable for infringement, However, the photographer Brazil Phone Number List continued to believe that Hostnet was to blame. According to him, Hostnet has started acting as a domain name holder.

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This means that Hostnet, as a domain name holder, is responsible. Therefore liable for the website linked to the domain. In correspondence to Hostnet, the photographer says “The fact that you have apparently outsourced the management. The website to another party (SingleHop LLC) is the responsibility of Hostnet BV” Who does what? I cannot conclude from the verdict that Hostnet would be the administrator/operator, after all that. Only concerns the question of who hosts his website.

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In principle, the registrar is nothing more than that: an intermediary, even if it offers an ‘anonymization service’. The person who operates the site (makes money from it) has the choice. Where to put his files, who registers his domain name, in whose name that domain name is. The operator is the actual administrator of the website, even though he may hire. An external web designer/web developer who will post or remove something at his reques

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