Amazon Gives The Buy Box To The Seller

Now you still have to choose the duration and which products will become part of your campaign. You also choose a budget for your campaign. You can choose a budget per day, but you can also use a lifetime budget. Finally, you also choose your keywords on which you want your products to be displayed. Step 7. Monitor and optimize Your campaign is live! Now it is time to monitor and possibly optimize the quality of your campaigns. You manage and monitor the progress of your campaigns and the success of your sales as much as possible at product level. See which products are underperforming and which products are having a negative impact on your campaign. By looking at the quality at the product level, you can discover which product content is currently still sub-optimal or on which other points you can still optimize.

Gives The Buy Box To The Seller

Get more out of your campaigns The above five steps are the most important parts of a campaign on Amazon. Want to get even more out of your campaigns? The following three points will help you get even more out of your campaigns. Sell ​​both as Seller and Vendor You can be active on Amazon in two ways: as a Seller and as a Vendor. As a Seller you sell directly to the consumer. As a Vendor , Amazon buys products from you and they then sell them French Business Fax List to the consumer under their own name. The available advertising and promotion options vary by account type. Different options are available for Sellers than for Vendors. It also matters whether you have registered your trademark with Amazon or not. In general, it is wise to opt for a hybrid model in which you are active as a Seller and Vendor on Amazon and register your brand. That way you can use all the options.


The Buy Box To The Seller

Set up an Amazon Store An Amazon Store is a shop-in-Amazon. This is a great way to create a unique brand experience. You can also let consumers navigate within your catalog. The consumer then sees no products from competitors. This works well for your findability, and also stimulates conversion. Are your products not retail ready? Then you can, for example, send traffic to your Amazon Store with a campaign to increase findability for your brand. Use online tools Use tools that visualize data and help you optimize your campaigns. There are many free and paid tools to suit your needs. You can use these tools, among others: Keyword tool allows you to test different keywords, so that you know which one to bet on. AMZ Finder makes it easy to manage feedback and reviews.

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