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A lot is happening in the field of automation of customer contact with the use of chatbots, voice bots, and robot-driven process automation. With the help of speech recognition, for example, it is now possible to measure Georgia Phone Number customer satisfaction in a telephone conversation. You measure this on the basis of word use and intonation. The customer service agent can respond directly to the speech analysis by, for example.

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Showing more empathy in a conversation. These kinds of developments require more empathy and social skills from agents. Also read: Is your customer service ready for peak times? 4 tips What other skills does the modern customer service agent need? Below we discuss the challenging roles that the service centipede of the future must fulfill. 1. The Consultant The modern customer service agent is no longer.

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Answer the same questions a hundred times a day. Repetitive questions can be easily handled by smart technologies, such as chatbots. Knowledge management systems also contribute to the fast and error-free handling of frequently asked questions. The questions that remain are more complex questions and require more attention. Often these questions have an advice component. As a result, the customer.

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