Going Through A Recruitment Agency: The Advantages For The Company

Human resources are the best asset of ambitious companies that want to achieve big goals. To detect suitable profiles for vacant positions, HRDs increasingly prefer to delegate this task to firms. Thus, 48% of French companies used their services in 2017. This outsourcing of recruitment has many advantages to be discovered in this article. Recruitment firms represent job market professionals which assist companies in the search and selection of a qualified agent for a given position. They use their expertise and know-how to assess the skills of the successful candidates. They also take into account their motivation and personality. A company undeniably benefits from multiple advantages when it chooses to delegate a recruitment to an external agency. A brief description of the tasks performed as part of a recruitment process will help to better understand the scope and importance of the role played by a firm.

This provides the hiring company with a large database with thousands of resumes. He takes care of the search for profiles likely to correspond to the position to be filled. It carries out a meticulous sorting on the basis of criteria defined by its specialists. He submits the list of successful candidates to the company concerned with opinions for a final choice. Recruitment firms therefore represent external service providers whose professionalism and human resources skills allow a company to find job seekers who meet its needs and expectations. From this insight into a firm’s recruiting mission, companies can better assess the benefits of this choice. Recruitment firms, the guarantee of quality staff Any modern company wishes to invest in quality human resources to achieve its development and growth objectives.

The Obligation To Choose The Right Recruiting Firm

However, recruitment is a purely technical and professional exercise. It has multiple quite demanding steps like defining the profile. The slightest error of judgment can result in the enrollment of Malta Phone Number List an inefficient agent. The use of a recruitment firm makes it possible to considerably minimize this risk. In reality, the company concerned delegates the entire procedure to an external service provider after having specified its needs. Based on the expectations expressed, the consultants of the firm define the tasks of the position to be filled. They use their proven experience in human resource management to define suitable profiles . Then, the firm supports the search for candidates in its database. The vast majority of law firms post ads on social media and other affiliated platforms.

The firm pre-selects applicants with suitable profiles. He carries out a series of tests and interviews to understand their motivation and personality. He pulls out a “ short-list » of the qualified agents retained that he submits to the company for the final selection. This document presents the profile of each suggested candidate. It also specifies the strong point and the weak point of each of them. It notifies their motivations as well as the results of the various personality tests. The firm also summarizes the summary of the reference checks. The experience and competence of the actors in charge of the procedure guarantee the recruitment of qualified talents capable of assuming the missions entrusted to them.

Recruitment Firms, Rigorous Monitoring Of Hiring

The recruitment of qualified and competent personnel will inevitably impact the performance and productivity of your company. Recruitment firms, a more economical option The outsourcing of the recruitment of human resources allows a significant reduction in the costs inherent in the operation. In addition to the certainty of hiring a qualified agent, the company spends less. According to estimates by the Syndicat du Conseil en Recrutement, the cost of enlisting a manager internally ranges between 7,000 and 8,000 euros . However, recruitment firms require approximately 2000 to 3500 eurosfor this service. Better, the vast majority of them do not ask for any advance at the order stage. Payment is made after the search and selection of candidates.

You also have the possibility of negotiating preferential rates when you often contact the same agency. Recruitment firms also revise prices downwards according to the number of vacancies. Recruitment firms, an undeniable time saver Outsourcing the recruitment of agents allows the human resources department to have more time to perform other administrative tasks. In addition, this option promotes real speedin the implementation of the procedure. Indeed, recruitment is a time-consuming task for this structure. The expertise of the personnel makes it possible to fairly quickly define the profile of the various positions to be filled. In addition, a recruitment firm has a pre-established channel with a large database. He also masters other advertising channels such as newspapers and social networks.

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