Google Wants to Simplify Keyword Types

Then read on quickly! What about those keyword types from Google? If you advertise in the Google search network, you do this naturally based on keywords. When you set up a campaign in Google Ads, you have the option to add keywords based on different keyword types. We call this Broad Match Modified (BMM). This simply means that if you advertise on the keyword ‘Buy Shoes’, your ads will also show when someone searches for ‘Buy Shoes Online Size 44’. In addition, you also have the option to opt for Phrase Match , which actually stands for keyword groups.

Wants to Simplify Keyword Types

Everything that actually has to do with tennis shoes falls under this keyword type. In addition, from February 18, existing BMM variants will only match searches equal to the keyword. You will still be able to add or use BMM, but the effect is France Phone Number List actually gone because you will no longer be widely found for these keywords. You will not lose this traffic immediately, but will be matched with Phrase Match. In the image below, Google has visualized the effects of the update: Search Queries So make sure you use Phrase Match in your account, so you don’t miss out on potential searches! In addition, there is a chance that the traffic in your campaign will decrease if you only work with BMM and not with keyword groups. You can read the full update from Google here .


To Simplify Keyword Types

Google wants to simplify keyword types! If you’ve been following Google’s updates over the years, you could have anticipated this one, according to renowned PPC expert Liam Wade: For example, Google already made Exact Match a lot less precise in 2018 and the recommended campaign structure also deviated much more often from the SKAG method (Single Keyword Ad Groups). Google wants to consolidate the keyword types as much as possible. However, there are also Pacer’s such as Kirk Williams (has been consecutively in the PPC top 25 since 2016) who expect the impact of the update to be not too bad: Whatever the impact, Google indicates that with this update it wants to simplify keyword types and thus make it easier to set up a successful campaign.

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