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Ith the emergence of hybrid purchasing processes. Which develop between physical and digital channels in an increasingly fluid way. Creating an Omnichannel Customer Experience (OCX) is, more than a choice. A priority for companies that want to remain competitive with of its own target audience. Customers now have a variety of ways to interact with brands never seen before. Move through them by drawing non-linear paths. McKinsey’s research states that more than half of customers use three to five channels. Each journey to purchase or resolve a request: manage this flow of information. Build customer experience on it. evolved to respond to what customers really want determines the success of companies.

 Customer Experience in Italy: an idea rather than a reality

Today’s consumers have high expectations of how their interactions with companies should take place and this is due to the multiplication of technological options at their fingertips: instant messages, web calls, chatbots UAE Phone Number available 24 hours a day, e-mail. Yet while technology can help make quick service possible, people still rely on a more personal touch and human empathy. This determines the continuous rebound between the different communication channels made available by companies. It is clear that the more numerous they are, the more there is the risk, if not properly connected and included within an overall strategy that outlines the customer journey .(the path that customers take, through different points of contact in the process of buying and using a specific good or service, ed ) , to shatter the interaction,

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Ultimately generating dissatisfaction. In light of what has just been said, creating an Omnichannel Customer Experience means trying to provide the customer with an optimal experience without interruptions by collecting information on all channels of involvement during the entire customer lifecycle, to design increasingly rewarding and personalized experiences. Unclear understanding of which parts of the omnichannel strategy to prioritize. Too few retailers have established a strategy by defining long-term tools and goals. Without strategic alignment, organizations often end up investing in a schizophrenic way, funding sparse businesses in eCommerce, point of sale, marketing, and technology.

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