Creative Growth Hacking for Optimal

Screenshot of where you can import the Excel file. Optimizing & expanding goes a lot faster It’s a one-time job. But once you’ve got the basics set up, you can use this technique to optimize. Adding a target group within Excel is easy, because you can apply this directly to all rows. In addition, you can use this set-up for, for example, an action-oriented campaign. You only have to adjust the ad once and then you can apply it again to all rows. Good luck!December is an important time for many brands to be visible. This significantly increases the advertising pressure on Facebook and that affects your campaign on the platform. These are the 4 things you should pay extra attention to when planning your Facebook campaign. Facebook auction for dummies To understand how the month of December affects your Facebook campaigns, it is good to know more about Facebook auction.

Growth Hacking for Optimal

The display of advertisements on Facebook has 3 different components: the auction advertiser controls the pacing system The most important component is the auction, which you can see as a ranking mechanism. The winner of an auction is the ad with the highest total value, a value made up of the following three components: Bid The bid that Nigeria B2B List you as an advertiser set to achieve the desired result on the KPI you have chosen. Estimated Action Rate The estimate of whether someone will interact and convert with an ad. The estimated action rate and ad quality together determine the relevance of an ad. Wrong campaign objective It makes sense to select the right campaign objective. Certainly in December, (budget) waste is created here unconsciously.


Hacking for Optimal

How? Because the selected campaign goal reflects the creation type, but not the intent of the campaign itself. In December, many brands come up with great video content. In the case of retail brands, this is often used to increase visits to the webshop. People often opt for a ‘ video view ‘ campaign objective. This results in Facebook prioritizing your ad among users who have a high-estimated view rate. Also read: The targeting options of Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads & Snapchat So not so much with users who would visit your website. In this case, it is more effective to select a campaign objective such as ‘website visits’. If you want to use your media budget effectively, match the campaign objective in Facebook to the actual business objective: clicks, installs, downloads or purchases. 2. New bid strategy: lowest-cost bidding A fairly new but efficient bid strategy that will come in handy during the holiday season is lowest-cost bidding in combination with a cost cap.

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