Hard Conversions Are Still Made Via

Niels Bergmans, partner manager at Sendcloud says: “The time of having to email first to return a package is over. Make sure that the consumer can immediately and easily create a return. Send emails or notifications with every update.” In addition, it is of course important that the amount is back in the account quickly. Resale A return does not immediately mean that the product is unsaleable . Add it back to your stock or to an outlet, raffle it or find a buyer for it. The most important thing is that you know why the products keep coming back. I recently ordered a blue shirt. Unfortunately I received a white one. After investigation, it turned out that there was a wrong image with the product (namely a blue shirt) and it was not clear in the title which color you bought. The webshop can use this information to adjust the product information and prevent returns. This period has made many managements aware of the possibilities of online sales.

Conversions Are Still Made Via

Niels Bergmans from Soundcloud: “Even the chip shop on the corner started selling chips online. After all, you have control until the package arrives at the sender. After that, you have to hope that everything goes well and that the sender keeps Yemen B2B List to the agreements.” However, there are still plenty of opportunities and possibilities to further optimize your e-commerce activities in 2020. Don’t forget: we still have the holidays to go! Online retailers are always looking for extra visitors. More visitors usually means more sales. The most obvious sources for extra visitors? Organic (for example via SEO), newsletter/direct, affiliates, and Google Ads (SEA). A new source that is not always picked up by a marketer is the acquisition of a competitor. But is that right?


Are Still Made Via

Because you will also receive more visitors through an acquisition. In this article, we share the opportunities that acquisition offers against one of the most used sources for extra traffic: SEA. We work out a fictitious but, in our view, also a realistic case. You can use this as a framework for calculating the choices for your own situation.  Then you decide in which visitor source you prefer to invest in, because you can of course only spend money once! The takeover perspective Many of today’s online entrepreneurs started with nothing and gradually built their webshop into a thriving business over the years. Because e-commerce is a new industry, that path was often the only option. But the market has matured.

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