Has Social Media Marketing Begun to Overwhelm

With a hybrid you have the best of both worlds: you have the physical experience, but also the reach of online. Visitors can choose how they want to experience the event: live on location or remotely, safely and sustainably. Pay attention! Hybrid is more than making a live stream available to the public at home. Of course you can, but know that placing a camera in the corner of a room doesn’t really make anyone happy. The online audience does not feel involved in what is happening on location, because there is zero interaction.

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At the same time, it is disturbing for live participants if they are constantly looking at cameras. With hybrid you have the best of both worlds: you have the physical UAE Phone Number experience, but also the reach of online. So what does work? To effectively address both target groups, it is best to put yourself in the shoes of both your online participant and your physical participant.

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You will soon notice that not all parts connect one-to-one. By creating two separate programs that partly overlap, you take specific wishes and needs into account. Think of shorter sessions and more breaks for the audience at home, but also pre-recorded content to fill the time between different sessions. Trends for 2022 If one thing is certain when it comes to the future of events, it is that physical will certainly not disappear, but neither will online and hybrid.

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