Havas Group Suspends

It is precisely the changes that are taking place in the Belgium Phone Number sector and society that have motivated the evolution Havas Group of the company towards a new concept and a new image: this is how [SOMOS Experiences] was born with the purpose of “ Inspiring to Belgium Phone Number transform ”. A process from which they emerge stronger, managing to expand their range of services.

Havas Group Suspends Investments In Russia While Revealing Its Results

The confluence of the know-how of the different teams has resized. Its client portfolio with its expertise in large Belgium Phone Number corporate events for, among others, 20 IBEX35 companies. For years, millennials have unhesitatingly succumbed to the inexhaustible offerings of Starbucks, defining the trends in coffee culture. An influence, in decline, that Belgium Phone Number Generation Z has Belgium Phone Number come willing to change.

Belgium Phone Number


A combination of high-exposure images and films with a multi-format approach, designed to reflect the joy of life’s little pleasures. A project that Tarek El-Kady, McDonald’s Belgium Phone Number senior director of marketing for the Middle East and Africa, would explain as “Our customers’ expectations and coffee consumption habits are changing; We recognize thatGeneration Z in particular needs a good cup of coffee to match their active lifestyle.”


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