Have you noticed what access permissions these apps are asking you for Especially

For financial apps that involve sensitive information, you should pay attention to whether your private information has been “sold” by yourself unknowingly! If you accidentally give permission by “hand swiping” for a while, your personal data may be exposed or even “monitored”. In order to prevent users from inadvertently authorizing the APP to access personal information, Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets have thoughtfully integrated all relevant permission settings into a single “Privacy Privacy Administrator Permission Settings Table” function, which can list all APPs The status of access to mobile phone function permissions, you can choose to customize the permissions allowed by each APP, and you can also turn off the mobile phone positioning


Advertising  tracking functions at one time

So as to avoid future troubles. So how do you make sure your phone isn’t “hacked”? Seeing so many “loopholes” in information security of smartphones Kenya Phone Number List above does it surprise everyone? If you want to avoid becoming a victim of information security incidents, of course you must take some positive actions. We have also compiled a few suggested actions for mobile phone information security protection. Come and pay attention to how to improve your mobile phone security protection. In addition to software, hardware protection is also very important At present, there are quite a few anti-virus and anti-hack tools on the mobile phone platform, and even many brands of mobile phones directly choose to cooperate with information security companies to build relevant protection mechanisms into the mobile phone.


In addition to these software protection

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We should Pay attention to the protection measures of mobile phones in terms of hardware. Taking Samsung Galaxy mobile phones and tablets as an example, the built-in Samsung Knox protection technology provides hardware-level protection, such as built-in dedicated security processors and memory, which can additionally encrypt the passwords stored on the mobile phone. , to prevent hackers from directly taking away all control. image2 Through the integration of hardware, Samsung Knox protection technology processes the user’s important password, biometric identification and transaction payment through the security chip, and saves it in the secure memory in the mobile phone.  Photo Credit Samsung Through the integration of hardware. Samsung Knox protection technology processes the user’s important password.

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