He Confirmed That His Personal Immunization Protocol Included

There are 74K views to date and the ratio is at a fierce 1:9 and I have rarely seen that. Is it any wonder that YouTube wants to hide those indicators? Sports and brand equity And woke is also making its way into sports. Aaron Rodgers, 37, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers from Wisconsin, until recently held the status of the NFL’s most beloved player. His net worth is estimated at $120 million. He was even a contender for the iconic TV classic Jeopardy! to present.  The good news was that this time he was more direct. The bad news was that he was probably far too honest for his own good. The interview featured an avalanche of anti-vaxxer buzzwords and well-known death eaters, unsuccessfully trying to prove he wasn’t “anti-vax.”

Confirmed That His Personal Immunization Protocol Included

He confirmed that his personal immunization protocol included ivermectin and then began protesting (yawning) “ the woke mob ” who disrespected him. He even threw in a misquote from Martin Luther King Jr. Lost cause, spectacular fall from favor – and he was subsequently unavailable to play with his team after testing positive for Covid-19. His brand value also collapsed, and the long-standing Air Transportation Email List sponsor State Farm immediately announced that he would be replacing him in upcoming statements. But “it would be inappropriate for us to comment on Aaron’s vaccination status,” they told Adage. Naturally. The memes show, among other things, a Karon Rodgers ( get it? ). Karon Rodger’s meme. Freedom versus responsibility All those haters drive the algorithms and provide a lot of earned media .


That His Personal Immunization Protocol Included

Recently, a public academic discussion arose in the Netherlands about the tension between the freedom to say what you want and the scope for criticism within academia. In an interview in de Volkskrant in July, a number of academics expressed the fear that academic freedom is threatened by a group of woke students who sometimes assume on the basis of one word that they are woke or not. This would lead to self-censorship among teachers and students, which threatens academic freedom.  Cadbury had disabled their commentary (so it all got to me?) and a little while later removed the video altogether “because the campaign was over” while there were still dozens of old clips on their channel. Hmm… or did they want to forget about this chapter as soon as possible?

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