Helvetica: the story behind the most popular typeface

It has been part of our lives for over 60 years. Its almost impossible to go a day without seeing her, and all that, without even realizing it. Im talking about the helvetica typeface. Across many logos, documents and signage, it is probably the most widely used typeface on the planet. Helvetica family the origins created in 1957 by max miedinger, it was first named neue haas grotesk before being renamed helvetica 4 years later to be marketed more easily in america. The goal was to modernize the akzidenzgrotesk typeface and create a more neutral, accessible and allpurpose typeface. The lack of personality was intended, to emphasize the message. To achieve this, the space between characters was reduced and the height of lowercase letters x height was increased. The termination of the characters is always vertical or horizontal, with great symmetry and a constant thickness of the stroke.


Its Accessibility and Its Neutrality.

Arialvshelvetica commercialization at a time when philippines photo editor the number and access to typefaces was much more limited, it quickly gained popularity with madison avenue art directors in the united states. Subsequently, user licenses were granted to xerox, adobe and apple, which accelerated its largescale distribution. You should know that at that time, fonts had to be installed in printers for printing. For its part, ibm not wanting to pay the license to linotype owner of the helvetica font, they chose instead the arial font created in 1982 by monotype as an equivalent to helvetica. When microsoft acquires the rights to use monotype, arial is therefore found in all pcs. The mac vs pc rivalry is also helvetica vs arial at this time of computer democratization.

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Fascinating Story of This Typeface.

Thedesigners working almost exclusively in the macintosh CZB Directory platform, helvetica became their font of choice for many designs. With 51 official variations included in the full version of the font bold, italic, light, condensed, extended… it offers several interesting options, regardless of the design. Helvetica examples uses famous logos using helvetica include 3m, american airlines, target, sears, jeep, energizer, evian, remax, motorola, panasonic, skype, tupperware, and gap. It is also the font of choice for several public transport systems new york metro, chicago, philadelphia, madrid, london airport … as well as all canadian and american government forms. Helvetica was also found on nasas space shuttle and in the ios operating system of the first iphone until 2015. This font is also present on many billboards, clothing labels, banknotes and keys. Electronic appliances.

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