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With modernist values ​​(individualism, self-development). That is a Uganda Phone Number List dominant. Verbally skilled, assertive monoculture. This ‘ mindstyle ‘ is quite far removed from the traditional values ​​of many target groups. Which may still match in terms of skin color, but much less so in terms of cultural values. More traditional groups of readers and clients are usually Uganda Phone Number List more focused on the family and own group, the cultural norms of family and origin. Preserving one’s own identity and habits is very important here. In these circles, the importance of your family weighs at least as much weight as that of your own ambitions and dreams. How many such people do you have on your team? ‘Your own path’ versus ‘your own group’ When analyzing.

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I like to fall back on the social classification of citizens, which Uganda Phone Number the research agency Motivaction developed a few decades ago. Along the criterion of ‘value’ you have the traditional values ​​(family, environment, religion) on the one side and the modernist values ​​of the individualistic citizen who chooses his own path on the other side of the spectrum. Your own group Uganda Phone Number List versus ‘your own path’. In addition, there is the increasing scale of ‘status’. From low (income, but above all opportunities, education and participation in society) to high (educated, participatory, international, assertive, responsible for the earth). Motivaction’s Mentality Model.

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Motivaction’s Mentality Model There are various agencies that Uganda Phone Number List use such. Behavioral models to classify the target groups according to their social and cultural background. For you, as a communication professional. It is not at all that easy to translate these sometimes somewhat abstract divisions into the audience groups that you want to reach with your Uganda Phone Number List team. It takes time and energy to get a better feel for this while puzzling and talking with your team. But it is essential to your success. Condition for success. One of the conditions for your success is that you have people on your team who are close to those different audiences. A colleague who went to school together with lower educated, traditionally oriented groups. A colleague whose parents or grandparents still live in that neighborhood.

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