How a Social Media Marketing Agency Can Change Your Business

Business video communication has two sides: that of the shop floor and that of the boardroom.Almost everyone likes to make videos and send them around. And those videos can also be about the work environment and thus influence the reputation of your company. Thanks to today’s smartphones, the technical quality of such videos is often Malta Phone Number very good. Production and distribution costs are virtually nil. It’s freedom-happy-creativity.


The other side is that of the boardroom, the Malta Phone Number world of policy, budgets, reputation management and GDPR compliance. If video is already being used, this is done in a controlled manner . According to fixed scripts and quality standards.

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Video is then usually an expensive and time-consuming affair. And that, in turn, ensures that people are not eager to use it more often than necessary. Often enough, a video production turns out to be a real money pit. As a communication professional, you naturally do not want a production process that is difficult to control and where your budget is at stake.

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