How Do You Promote Larger Websites For Keywords

Today ask the question seo is from mark in Pittsburgh mark asks how do you compete. For keyword rank on a website that gets 400x the traffic per month. When you have to have rank for the same keyword i can’t give specific. Details for the purpose secret, but here are the facts. The words my clients want to rank are 3 unmarked phrases with about 500 questions per month. They are currently ranked 25th. The second ranked product comes from a direct competitor who gets 20 million visits per month. It gets about 50,000 customers a month. The contestant page has 135 literal words and does not qualify for the CWV brand. The customer page has ~ 600 words and passes CWV. Competitors have thousands of backlinks. Customers have less than 50. The two pages are designed for competing products in crowded spaces.

Both Sectors Are Around 10 Years Old

Within six months of testing, customers were up rather than close to major competitors. I like to believe that seo isn’t reduced to reputation competition, but these facts. Don’t give me much faith that it isn’t i like your thoughts. Advertising Brazil Phone Number continue. Reading below hi mark, if you don’t know the site, everything is shot in the dark. But i can help you in the right direction.  For starters, you’re looking at something wrong. Every element you focus on is irrelevant (except for backlinks). Core Web Vitals (CWVs) can give your customer’s website an advantage if everything else is considered the same, but your competitor’s website won’t lose rank for non -compliance.

The Amount Of Words On A Page Also

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Doesn’t matter, because word count is not quality. The important thing is to spell and structure the word from the H mark to the bullet point, and if you present the information correctly. The age of the platform is also not important because the platform changes hands, changes the type of service or product and changes the theme. You want to find old backlinks and indexing bloat from old pages that are still in the index. Older versions from previous owners may also be penalized and may move and work for you. Here are some better questions to ask The content explains when and how the product or service will be used, the benefits derived from the product or service, etc. Does the content clearly state that the product or service on the page is the best solution?

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