How much does graphic design cost in Quebec in 2019?

In a field as competitive as graphic design, there can be a huge difference in. Cost for the same service rendered. Although in no way scientific, this article is the result of our observations of the graphic communications. Community in quebec over the past 15 years, both in montreal and in quebec, as well as some statistical data see the sources at the end of the article. These figures should not be interpreted as absolute, or even as a reflection of. Our salary policies or our opinion on the value of a graphic designer.

This portrait is rather the honest answer that we would give. To a member of our family who would like to get into graphic design and know their future prospects. To simplify understanding, all rates have been. Reduced to an hourly rate basis, although several projects are instead billed at a lump sum or in the form of a bank of hours .


Main Categories and the Associated Costs.

The salaried graphic designer in quebec, in 2019, a graphic jewelry retouch service designer begins his career around 15h and then reaches between 20 and 25h, after a few years of experience in a wellestablished company. The job definition can vary from one company to another graphic designer, graphic designer, graphic designer, prepress. Technician, designer, etc., but in general, they can be grouped under the term graphic designer . Of course, the possibilities of advancement will change the salary eg artistic director, senior graphic designer, project manager, etc. As well as the candidates experience. However, with a median salary between 18.27h and 22.50h according to the sectoral diagnostic of the graphic communications industry of quebec and emploi quebec respectively, we must conclude that there are more jobs at 20 than at 35.

jewelry retouch service

Generic Type Prefab for Any Type of Business.

The freelance graphic designer we must distinguish 2 types of  CZB Directory freelance graphic designers in this category the professional who exercises this profession fulltime as a selfemployed worker with agencies and smes the employee who takes on a few contracts on his own to carry them out outside his main obligations, generally evenings and weekends since the majority of graphic designers have a computer at home with the necessary software, they can meet the needs of those around them business cards, announcements, posters, leaflets, etc.

Everyone knows at least one graphic designer and all graphic designers have certainly been offered this kind of mandate. On the other hand, some graphic designers choose to develop their own clientele, in order to be entirely selfemployed. They generally have a few years of experience and their clientele is. Made up of both advertising agencies that subcontract part of their. Mandates to them, and smes that do business with them directly.

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