How Much Does Print Advertising Cost?

This medium uses several communication media to achieve a specific goal. Thus, a company can use flyers, leaflets, brochures, booklets, catalogues or magazines. Each of them is carried out at a price that varies according to several criteria. Find in this article the main communication Sri Lanka Phone Number List media for paper advertising as well as the prices currently offered by printers. To carry out a paper advertisement, professionals offer a wide range of offers. These have distinct characteristics. However, they all aim to promote a business, service or product. flyers They also take the name of the prospectus, tract. Still called advertising posters, they come in the form of unwrinkled paper. They usually distribute to high-traffic locations as part of promotional sales. The flyers are often used for a punctuated action in time.

They are therefore carried out on a large scale to highlight a project or a product. Several structures simply drop them off in mailboxes. Leaflets A pamphlet is a foldable document that has a single leaf. It is generally used in the field of advertising. It is also used for advertising actions limited in time. However, the leaflets resist longer than the flyers and integrate more information than them. Brochures or booklets These documents constitute an assembly of sheets joined by staples. They are also in advertising on paper. They are particularly suitable for presenting a large volume of well-organized information. Companies use it to produce their offers or to describe the services they offer.

Paper Advertising Formats

Catalogues or magazines They come in the form of several neatly bound sheets. These types of communication media include more pages than brochures or booklets. They precisely set out the characteristics of the products designed or marketed by a company. Paper advertising formats The flyer or the leaflet remains the smallest of the advertising communication media. Its single sheet in the standard format 210 x 297 mm. You can also find it in other formats: A5 148 x 210 mm, A6 165 x 148 mm, A7 74 x 105 mm, A8 52 x 75 mm. The leaflet remains very similar to the flyer from the point of view of its format. This support can take the same dimensions as the leaflet.

It can be in DL 100*210 mm, A6 165 x 148 mm, A7 74 x 105 mm and A8 52 x 75 mm formats. As for the brochure , it has between 8 and 64 pages. Printers offer it in pocket format (A6) of 105* 148mm, in medium format (A5) of 148* 210mm and in standard format (A4) of 210* 297mm. You can get it in standard size, pocket size, envelope size, large square size or original size. The weight of advertising papers The quality of advertising media depends on the nature and value of the paper used . The grammage varies according to the advertising media and determines their lifespan. A 120gr paper allows to have an acceptable quality of flyer, leaflet, brochure or catalog.

The Weight Of Advertising Papers

The cover page requires a heavier weight. Usage recommends 300 gr.  For good print quality, you can choose matte-finish or glossy-finish paper. The price of advertising papers Communication media have distinct characteristics. Their printing cost varies according to several criteria such as the type of advertising paper, the format.  The weight, the finish, the number of pages. Some indicative prices of flyers The cost of printing depends on several factors and varies from provider to provider. For a black four-color offset printing of 500 copies of flyers in A5 double-sided format 148x210mm with 90 g fluorescent paper, you will pay around €65.40. This support remains available in yellow, green, pink or ivory. For 1000 leaflets of the same version.

you pay 107 €. For color printing, you should count 67 € for 500 models and 87 € for 1000 flyers. The platform offers 1000 flyers in A6 double-sided 105x148mm format in ultra-modern, high-definition four-color printing at €30. They come in the form of 135 g glossy coated paper. For the double-sided A4 210x297mm format, it will cost you 66 €. Some indicative prices of leaflets For 500 leaflets in high-definition four-color color printing in double-sided portrait double-sided format with 2 flaps, you will pay 59 €. For 1000 plates, you pay 87 €. You can get 500 leaflets in high-definition four-color color printing in double-sided portrait format with 3 flaps for €67. 1000 copies of this model cost approximately €84. Some indicative prices of brochures or catalogs


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