How to Apply Lead Scoring?

You already know what lead scoring is and what you should look for for USA Phone Number assign scores. but you must be able to implement it in your business, so you should follow the steps below to apply it.

    1. Choosing a suitable tool : In order to effectively apply lead scoring, you need to choose a suitable tool that allows you to do the job in an easy way.

      This tool must be able to process information in an

    2. orderly manner from each contact you have, as well as
    3. perform different types of segmentation, within these tools you can find Hubspot , Marketo , Mailrelay .


    1. Necessary attributes of your buyer person : You must know your buyer person to be able to make an adequate score. What are the attributes that it has? What is your job, average age, gender, aspirations in life?


    1. Actions they must perform : Once you have the attributes, you must take into account what you want your prospects to do, open your emails, share your content on social networks, add products to the shopping cart, ask you questions about your products or services.

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    1. Assign score to information and actions. Now depending on the importance of each action and information you must assign points to each one. For example, 5 points for opening emails, 15 points for viewing emails that. Contain promotion, 10 points for telling the sector which your company belongs. This will depend on what you think is most important to you.


  1. Measurement and review : Finally, what could not be missing, a review
  2. and measurement of the results, the only way to know if what you are doing is giving good results or not.

Now tell me how you apply lead scoring in your business and which are the most important leads for you. I read you in the comments.

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