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Not long ago, IBM’s Watson project was the all-powerful artificial intelligence that would replace humans forever. It’s making movie trailers, beating the best players in Jeopardy, and more. The end is near; everyone is Bahrain Phone Numbers List convinced in their hearts. Fast forward to 2020, and Watson is no longer in public memory. But that doesn’t mean it was a one-hit project that was later phased out.

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While AI hasn’t lived up to its epic potential (or maybe it’s been a PR tactic?!), Watson is still the brains in IBM’s AI offerings for businesses. IBM offers many more AI services, all of which you can read about here. IBM is a solid Bahrain Phone Numbers List choice for AI services, but keep in mind that their positioning and offerings are optimized for large and very large enterprises, so Bahrain Phone Numbers List make sure the two are a good match.


What is the result of this extreme, almost insane obsession? Extremely high precision, arguably the best in the world. They provide proof of their AI on this page As you can see, their tests show that is much more accurate than Bahrain Phone Numbers List Google’s speech-to-text. There are many similar comparisons on this page (all comparing and showing it beats Google), but unfortunately no live playground.

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