How To Find A Dpo Solution For Your Company?

Providing an effective and generalized solution to the problem of data protection, the European Union has implemented the GDPR reform or General Data Protection Regulation. Thus, compliance with the GDPR is essential for companies handling sensitive or personal data. In addition, the National Commission for Computing and Liberties CNIL is the body responsible for this compliance of companies. To comply with these new obligations, a company generally needs to use a professional and adapted DPO solution . Also called Data Protection Officer, the DPO ensures the company’s compliance with the GDPR by providing comprehensive assistance. Which DPO solution should I choose?The General Data Protection Regulation implemented in May 2018 by the CNIL aims to defend the rights of individuals , in particular those of European citizens.

Thus, it applies to companies present in member countries of the European Union which handle sensitive data. This regulation also requires companies to protect data collected from both European and non-European citizens. On the one hand, it is about increasing the protection of citizens affected by the processing of their personal data. The GDPR, also called GDPR, also aimed to make a certain number of actors responsible for this type of processing. Thus, thesemain players are now: the CNIL; the controller; the data protection officer; The subcontractors. The CNIL is the authority responsible for ensuring that the companies concerned comply with the obligations of the GDPR.

The Organization Of The Actions To Be Carried Out

It therefore has the power to sanction companies that are not in good standing. In addition, the data controller designates the company using the Brazil Phone Number List personal data collected. It is calling upon to produce documents to specify.  of conduct, its certifications, and its policy with regard to the protection of the data collected. On the other hand, the Data Protection Officer helps the company to adopt good practices in order to comply with the regulation. You get a great DPO alternative for your business at My DPO . A DPO can be a GDPR professional or software. Finally , subcontractors are people integrated into the data processing process. Why find a DPO for your company? The presence of a Data Protection Officer is essential for companies. Indeed, the latter has many responsibilities and missions including training, awareness of managers and employees of the company.

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It is also responsible for efficiently implementing the procedures necessary to comply with the GDPR. Carrying out audits to take stock of the situation before and after its appointment is also one of the main tasks of the DPO. Likewise, it can indicate the new steps to be taken to quickly reach the ideal level of compliance within the meaning of the law . In addition, these missions of the DPO are very broad and can also consist of: Presentation of priority actions to management taking into account the company’s objectives and capabilities; Steering the implementation of actions validated by the company; The management of current requests such as requests for rights, the revision of GDPR notices; The development of the processing register. These various tasks and missions show the importance of the DPO for a company.

Steps To Follow To Start Gdpr Compliance

The latter does considerable work and helps to develop an image of “respecting data” with customers and public opinion. In addition, the DPO through its actions contributes to offering you GDPR certification . By opting for a professional and suitable DPO, you are constantly informed of legal constraints and changes in these regulations. How to choose a DPO for your company? To succeed in your journey towards GDPR certification, it is important to choose your DPO carefully. Although there is no typical DPO profile , your service provider must have certain skills and qualifications. He must necessarily know the content of the GDPR and have good computer skills . In addition to his ability to assume his missions, he must be an organized, communicative, pedagogical and responsive person.

Similarly, pragmatism and sociability with the professional framework are beneficial elements for the DPO. Once the DPO profile you are looking for has been established, you must then decide whether the choice will be internal or external. An outsourced or in-house DPO? The DPO chose internally or externally . The factors of choice are among others your objectives and your resources. However, an outsourced DPO often offers better advantages. Indeed, he is a GDPR expert and has a good experience. Also, he arguably covered more technical topics than an in-house resource. In addition, using an internal resource to comply with the GDPR requires at least annual training to meet the evolving requirements of the regulation. To go further, an outsourced DPO is more demanding but more efficient than an in-house DPO working part-time. The in-house DPO has a dual responsibility which certainly affects its performance.

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